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About Collaborative Practice

As a collaborative attorney, I work with one client in a team setting, along with another attorney and the other person.

The collaborative approach to family matters allows a couple to resolve disputes respectfully - without going to court - and offers each person the assistance and support of their team. The collaborative team may include other professionals, as needed; communication coaches, a financial expert, or a child specialist.

In this supportive environment, each client receives the guidance necessary to make well-informed decisions for him or herself as well as for the entire family. The clients retain control, rather than surrendering it to the Court, and work to design mutually beneficial solutions.

The collaborative process involves meetings in a private setting that is conductive to genuineness and dignity. The goals are to enhance communication and to reach satisfactory and long-lasting solutions, resulting in a healthier future.





"With Sarah's initiation, my "ex" and I were able to agree to a collaborative divorce process that created a significantly better physical and emotional climate for the resolution of a large number of issues.  Sarah's reassuring, sensitive, and detailed attention was especially comforting as we worked through a variety of complex challenges to arrive at acceptable terms for a final agreement.  I expressed particular concern about emotional vulnerabilities that I thought might weaken my resolve to seek a fair and equitable settlement for myself.  Sarah took my concerns to heart, making certain that nothing made it through a negotiation without my full awareness.  Sarah gave me confidence that I was protected, and that no issue would be decided without my complete understanding and consent...She is kind, and candid, and uses a client's time efficiently...Most importantly, Sarah incorporates strong human values in the practice of law that support respect, fairness, compassion, and a ceaseless determination to seek outcomes that move lives forward with hope and dignity."

- Bill H.,
Rohnert Park






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