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Mediation for confilct resolution


Carol Weser and Sarah Gurney Offer Their Services as Co-Mediators
by Sarah Glade Gurney
I’ve learned from my collaborative law practice that I deliver better legal services to my client when I work closely with a mental health professional on the client’s team. Now I want to apply this lesson to my mediation practice,” says Sebastopol attorney Sarah Gurney. Carol Weser and Sarah Gurney now offer their paired services ... CLICK TO READ MORE

Mediation Could Work for You
by Sarah Glade Gurney
I see fewer people resorting to expensive litigation or to the complex collaborative approach to resolve their legal disputes. In this economy, more people are choosing mediation, thinking it costs less... CLICK TO READ MORE

Use Your Legal Dollars Wisely
by Sarah Glade Gurney
Almost every new client asks me, “What will this legal work cost?” “It depends on the amount of conflict in your case,” I explain. “People who engage in our adversarial system when they’re emotionally upset can spend a lot of money fighting. On the other hand, calmer folks who mostly agree can get through fairly economically.... CLICK TO READ MORE

Collaborative Team Supports Clients
by Sarah Glade Gurney
“When people come to me with legal problems, they often need more help or different help than I can provide as an attorney. That’s why I’m glad to be part of a multi-disciplinary collaborative team,” explains Sarah Gurney, local family law attorney. The collaborative approach to legal disputes combines the services of trained professionals who can best help clients reach resolution: attorneys, coaches, financial specialists; real estate professionals, business appraisers, and child advocates. It also allows people to resolve their issues respectfully and to create long-lasting solutions without going to court...


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